26 Oktober, 2010

In Loving Memory: Amirah Anuar

Dear Diary,

This morning i received a news about a friend...she's gone FOREVER..and will never see her again...
and out of sudden..it makes my day cloudy..i dunno why..even though she wasnt my best friend but..there is something about her that i can indicated as special..yah! she's special...

Her name Amirah Anuar..taking diploma coarse in UiTM Segamat Johor few years back like me..we were only 19 that time..that time..i was very adored with her sweet smile and pretty face..she had soft voice..obviously...i really admiring her 'beauty'..but we dont talk too much that time..

After one year, i heard she had cancer and had to extend the semester..(no wonder i havent seen her for a long time in campus) but from the stories i got from a friend that close to her ..once again...i adored her! admired her spirit and courage to go through all this..she lost her right leg..but she managed to continue her study..and deep in my heart.. "she is special.."

after finished my diploma..since then i havent heard about her anymore..till this morning..i found that her fight against cancer finally over...and it's really drag me until evening to recover my 'cloudy' feeling..

I believed she had been loved by all her family members..her friends..because she was a lovable person..

Deep in my heart..i know she will rest peacefully there..AL-FATIHAH..

"Amirah..you are a beautiful lady...your strength is our inspiration..your spirit and courage through these years will be remembered"


19 Oktober, 2010

Vitamin C ...g00d or bAd..??

Mmm..selama ini kita selalu dengar tentang vitamin c..dari bangku sekolah sampai lani...semua yg kita dengar tentang kebaikannya ataupn implikasi dari kekurangan vitamin ini..
terdapat banyak produk dipasaran berasaskan vitamin c..dari pil..liquid form,tablet (yg cam panaol soluble larut dlm air..) sampai la ke suntikan mcm selebriti2 selalu buat tu...semua pun ada..tapi benar kah begitu bagus..?

Secara peribadi..saya bukanla yang terlalu fanatik terhadap vitamin c..tapi atas nasihat seorang rakan yang mengesyorkan saya mengambil vitamin c kerana begitu mudah jatuh sakit mcm demam dan selsema..tapi dalam pada itu..ada pula rakan yang mengatakan pengambilan vitamin c boleh menyebabkan pertambahan berat badan..(perempuan selalu risau tentang ini kn?)
selepas berfikir2..teruskan niat gak..saya pn ambil vitamin c setiap hari dalam bentuk tablet..500mg..
selepas sebulan mengambil nya memang terasa perubahan..saya tidak lagi mudah dijangkiti selsema batuk dan demam..(selalu kalau ada org sekeliling demam,saya pn pasti demam - immune kurang) tapi memang berbeza lepas amalkan makan vitamin c ni..bukankah begitu sudah cukup bagus?? :) Jadi bagaimana tentang dakwaan yang vitamin c boleh menambahkan berat badan....???

JAWAPAN SAYA: saya tidak begitu peduli lagi.............hehehe...asal mengamalkan makanan seimbang dan tidak tinggalkan rutin senaman...ok la...

12 Oktober, 2010

LoVe SuMonE can Be Suck..But n0T When U L0vE bAkInG mUFFiN ^ ^

dear Diary...
long time i haven't being here..
miss u a lot..
from now on..i think i do want to put everything about love aside..love makes me tired..
i'm thinking i want to do something more..something different..something challenging..but i cannt recognized it now yet. tell u later when i got one.. ^ ^

at d moment i have new h0bby - baking muffin....yummy~ it was really a go0d feeling when i can give my family, my neighbour to taste d muffin....hehe..not bad kan~ actually it makes ur relationship with others become better..

after trying 3different recipes..- chocolate chip, double c0c0, n vanilla.... i'm really addicted to bake d muffin..hehe....
search kat google pn carik recipe..haha...
NOW..i LOVE muffin ....really DO ~

ALRITE...time for work...

c ya..! ^_^