12 Mac, 2012

My Heart Inside the Box..

My Heart Inside the Box..

what i've wrote lately..
all about pain..
the damages that can't fix..
the broken that can't cure..
as my heart singing along with my eyes..
tears sometimes seems not enough..

crying alone in the dark room..
hiding with a blanket..
where the tears become noise..
like crazy..
that i won't do normally..

but i don't blame you..
as this is what we need to face..
now or in future..
it's still the same..
it's all about time..

but now even i'm letting you go..
my heart doesn't ready completely..
but i'm learning sweetheart..
to face my day without you..
in my heart..
my mind..
or anywhere..
which i'm always hiding with my smile..
and pretending with my laugh..

for a moment..
my heart has been lock without any key..
it's hazy dark night to find the lost key..
so i keep the heart inside the box..
and keep on walking alone ..

Nor Aziha Shahriman