23 Januari, 2013

Missing U..much**

I was terribly missed to write thus nothing else matter. I just ignored my tiring day so that I can have my little words tonite ^_____^ o Since i'm now working at the new workplace, quite limited of time i can spend to update my blog.. It is a great opportunity to work in MNC, which i amazed on how multi-national can be corporated in one organisation by running the business and customize on locally needs. I must say, Malays which I prefered to say as represents Muslim is still minority.. It is not a big deal as it just more or less similar with my previous company. The difference is only the new one, the percentage of us not even 10.. As I believe we ourselves determine of what we are.. So my advise for the beginner (especially fresh graduate looking for a job) dont be afraid to challenge your ability to get better opportunity..nothing to loose as if it's not succeed..it will be your valuable experience which u can never buy.. I do not know about others,as I am working at this new place where less Muslims around. It feels like it's become a part of my responsibility to be dedicated & committed with my job. My intentions is only to let other religion to see our capability so that in future more Muslims & Malays will be hired by big company. From my little heart, me myself knows this not enough to open their eyes to hire us but atleast..I am hoping this trend will change any sooner later. Lets do this my friends..! Enough mumbling for tonite. C ya next time.