12 Mei, 2014

Christian Boy Dies For 3 Minutes, Meets Allah in Heaven - What I think? and What U believe?

For some of us might heard this story shared by friends on FB or word-of-mouth from one to another.. it is interesting to see when this story came out as per below link : kindly check out if you are interested to know more :

 Christian Boy Dies For 3 Minutes, Meets Allah in Heaven

What interest me most is.. other website immediately responded to this story was untrue or FAKE! (looks like they are saying this story was made up) but if you read their article on this, you might feels that they are trying to make this story is NOT TRUE! you might agreed with me if i said .. they are SCARED! it is either they scared to accept or frightened if people will find more about Islam.. Allah .. Muhammad ..please read here and compared both article : http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/Fake-News/ss/Christian-Boy-Dies-For-3-Minutes.htm

Oh ya..u should read on how the father responded to his kid when he asked "why he cant find Jesus in Heaven?"

 READ and JUDGE yourself.. hey, u can share your view with me what you think on this.. I wish if I can meet the boy myself..i believe he is one of the luckiest boys ever to be in Heaven and meet Allah..Muhammad and Islam leaders...Subhanallah..