16 Februari, 2012

Having a bad day~

Dear Blog,

Looks like I've to say sorry to my own diary coz looks like I've been neglected 'her' for you my dear blog..maybe writing on the paper n0t proper for today's situations..

I'm having my bad day...everything is not in place.. all things I did seems not right at all .. what's more can I say..

To be honest, there are times I wanted to cry..but luckily I did managed to control my emotions.. (maybe I can keep it until I'm at home on my bed tonight.. :'(

Today, I've been scolded by an angry customer.. Even though, the mistakes was actually not coming from me..but as a customer service exec I've to face this customer.. Being scolded very loudly in-front public was one thing..another thing was..I've tried my best to calm down this uncle by trying to apologizing with a smile on my face..and I did said.. "Sir..From behalf of ____department, please accept our apology......... (I couldnt finish my sentence coz this customer interrupts) The WORST part was.. he said " I DON'T WANT UR SORRY!... I DON'T NEED UR SORRY!...bla..bla..bla..(keep mumbling all the same thing Again!) very loudly on my face.. I was trying my best to control my patience.. My blood running s0 fast on the vessel as I can feel my face become hot (and suppose to be red).. I'm trying to be nice and polite but seems not enough for this customer.. and I'm feeling humiliate at the same time.. (the problem is..this is very small issue like one of the department forgot to stamped on the document.. that's all..but this customer really pissed off like someone close to him already being killed!...)

This is not the only thing..besides this..there cases which really made me figure-out solutions by my own today..it made me wanted to cry..but I don't want other people to see it..so I keep it to myself..

But n0w..I do feel like crying until my eyes gone red....honestly..at this time..as I'm typing this..I'm crying ..but no sounds as I don't want my sister to figure it out.. only tears running on my face..

bye-bye...looks like I can't control my tears anymore..it's better for me to stop here as my eyes getting blurred to see these words ..

Gudnite..and God bless..

15 Februari, 2012

Bila Masa Sesuai Menjadi Isteri..?


Diam tak diam, tahun ni aku akan berumur 27 tahun.. (cepatnya masa berlalu kan..) ..Hum..bila da 27..gadis pula tu..mesti la konfem kena 'serang' dengan ayat-ayat biasa.. bila nak kawin?? Apatah lagi kalau adik aku pun akan kawin hujung tahun ni..

Sebenarnya dalam situasi aku..mak ayah belum pernah tanya atau paksa2 aku kawin..tapi pakcik makcik, kawan2..dan orang2 sekeliling lebih prihatin dengan persoalan2 yang macam ni.. selalunya..aku memang jawab dgn skema jawapan yang sgt biasa atau org selalu cakap 'common' ... " oh..lum masa g.." takpun .."mm..tunggula dulu.." tapi sekarang feveret aku ialah.. " muda lagi.." hehehe...(perasan giler.. ;D )

Kadang2 penatla asyik ditanya dgn soalan2 yang aku pun takde jawapan pasti sebenarnya.. isk.. isk..isk..isk.. :'(

Kadang2 aku pening.. ok2..aku akui cousin2 aku pun banyak da kawen..and infact, for my batch i'm d only one left..and it become worst when my cousins which much younger also getting married.. I don't blame them..it's maybe their time already come.. but please don't expect the same thing from me..

To be honest, hati perempuan mana yang tak tersentuh tengok budak2 c0mel..baby cute tu semua..I love kid..I love children..I really do..tapi apakan daya.. maybe the time haven't come yet.. (ikutkan hati nak je amek anak angkat..) -__-!

Tapi aku da nekad dah..kalau masa tu aku umur 29 tahun dan belum kahwin..aku nak mintak mak abah aku tolong carikan calon untuk aku..aku rela je berkahwin dengan orang yang aku tak kenal..mungkin bercinta lepas kahwin la kot.. (tibe2 ter imagine ceter dalam drama tv..haha..hampeh tul!)

After all, manusia hanya merancang tapi Allah S.W.T tentukan kan..? :)

02 Februari, 2012

The REAL me..

The REAL me ..

I am n0t the 0ne who is fam0us..s0 it is clearly enough there is n0 reas0n f0r pe0ple to read any 0f my writing..H0nestly..I'm n0t the one wh0 is very expressive with my em0ti0ns which pe0ple might interpreting it wr0ngly m0st 0f the time..but I do not mind..pe0ple might get me wr0ng because they w0uldn't kn0w me by my acti0ns but they'll understand me by my writing cause writing is my REAL s0uL..

s0meh0w..I do believe that pe0ple will read my writing..maybe my sincere writing will finally touch some of the lovely hearts out there..because in here.. I'm n0t sharing my thoughts of my mind.. but I'm sharing my em0tions of my heart..

s0meday..definitely one day in future..maybe it is when I'm t0tally g0ne forever.. even though n0t many will cry but I believe there is s0me0ne will cry f0r it..